Shoulder Surgery


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Finally underwent surgery for my very last soccer-related injury - torn cartiledge from too many goalie dives.

The rotator cuff was fine, which was great news. However, the doctor found two cartiledge tears (instead of the expected one), and there was lots of general wear and tear due to the muscles trying to compensate for the damage.


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First follow-up visit. The X-rays show the 3 titanium screws which are now a permanent part of my shoulder. My doctor promises I won't set off the airport sensors. :-) The pain is pretty intense, but after talking to another patient in the waiting room, I realize I'm doing extremely well, and I'm feeling really good about my recovery.


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Two weeks post-surgery. I find this truly amazing. Everything looks pretty much the same as it did, minus some muscle definition. The only visible evidence of the surgery are 5 very small slices, but these will heal without scars. I've managed to keep the butterfly stitches on so far, which has helped the healing.

A friend of mine asked what I found hardest to do without the use of my right arm. It's a tough question. Many things are completely impossible: dishes, most of the cooking, folding laundry...I'm not too upset about that, and am trying to enjoy the time off. However, there are many things that I used to take for granted that I am having trouble with, and I find these extremely frustrating:

I'm not really complaining. I'm recovering, and eventually I'll have full use of my arm and shoulder. The pain will be gone, and I'll be able to regain the strength I used to have. I only need to be patient. One of the nicest things I have discovered is how wonderful people can be. Family, friends, and strangers have all been extremely kind, and more than helpful.