August 12, 2003

Weeks 1 and 2

Week 1 total mileage - 12.7 miles. It's been miserably hot and humid, with thunderstorms every day. If I'm lucky, it rains on me while I'm running and I can cool off at little. Unfortunately, the rain is usually followed by burst of heat and even more humidity, so it's only a brief reprieve.

Week 2 started with our second group run (Aug. 9). The 5 mile course was extremely hilly and very tiring, but about a third of it was through a beautiful wooded section of Melrose, MA. Our coach, Greg, brought Gatorade and bagels for us after the run. An apology for the tough course?

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Thank you!

It would be inexcusable if I didn't thank the creators of this fancy new website, and to give credit where credit is due. Jim Correia and my husband Steve took the time out of their very busy lives to get this site up and running for me. I never could have done it without them. It is wonderful to have the support of friends.

I will keep this log updated, at the very least, on a weekly basis. Things should get more interesting as my training for the marathon continues and the weather starts to change.

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