September 04, 2003

Day 5

Well, it's been almost another week since I last wrote. Things have been going so well, I added an extra day of training into my schedule. I'm now running 5 days a week, and I'm tired! It probably doesn't help that school has started for me this week, and I haven't been getting as much sleep as I'd like. But, I'm sure life will settle back into a manageable pace fairly soon.

Despite being tired, I've actually felt quite good on my runs. My legs are getting much stronger, and I have been running an extremely steady 10-minute mile. I realize it's not as fast as most runners out there, but I'm quite happy with it. Besides, it gives me more time to watch the scenery as I jog by. :-) Yesterday Christy (my running partner and motivator) and I drove down to the Minuteman National Park in Lexington to run on the trails. It was absolutely beautiful! The old Battle Road is packed dirt, there are no cars, and the trail meanders through wooded areas and open fields. We will definitely be heading back there next week.

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