September 12, 2003

am I really getting faster?

They say that if you keep running, eventually you'll get faster. That may be true, but since I've been running with the same people for so long, it's hard to tell. I always seem to end up about 1/4 mile behind the pack. Luckily, I really enjoy running alone sometimes.

Today for the first time, I ran at school in between classes. There's a paved path along the water (Boston Harbor), which I've been told continues for about 6 miles. Sea birds, ocean breezes, and the occasional sailboat are all part of the package. Of course, there are other...'more industrial'... aspects of that section of the Harbor, but I'll leave those out, because it really was a nice run. :-)

ANYWAY, back to my point. Today was the first day that _I_ passed other runners. (Yes, smartypants, they were running in the same direction that I was.) It was quite a thrill, and I'll enjoy it as long as I can. Saturday will be another run with the group, and I expect to be another 1/4 mile behind.

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September 10, 2003

nighttime running

Last Friday I got home late from work, it was almost dark, and I was feeling unmotivated for my evening run. Will it really make a difference if I skip? A quick glance at the mail turned up two more donations and words of encouragement, and suddenly there was nothing that could keep me in. People are counting on me, and my friends believe I can do this! I quickly changed, grabbed my reflective vest and a flashlight, and headed out.

When I left home the moon was rising, and soon after the stars became visible. Sounds of crickets, frogs, and nesting birds were all I could hear. Rustlings along the side of the road, while in the daytime would go unnoticed, were strangely eerie. Visions of unseen skunks began to worry me - was I going to startle one as I ran past? I was amazed at the volume of sound on the night air. Is it so much louder at night, or were my other senses heightened due to the lack of vision?

Never will I hesitate again to go out at night. It's a completely different experience than running in the daytime, and one that I found I truly enjoyed. Even safety isn't much of an issue. The flashlight warns me of potholes, and the one car that did pass gave me plenty of warning with it's headlights. If only I can remain so lucky with the skunks.

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