September 22, 2003

injuries and slowing down

School and work and running have all combined to make me a very busy girl, and I realized today it's been a little while since I've added to my log.

It's been about a month and a half since I started training seriously for this marathon, and I've made a lot of progress fairly quickly. Maybe a little too quickly...I'm off for a visit with the physical therapist tomorrow. After finishing a rather painful 7.5 mile run this weekend, my coach suspects I may have some tendonitis in my left hip. Either that, or a strained muscle. Either way, I have to take off for a couple days' rest. Better to get it taken care of now when there's time, than to put it off, and end up seriously injured. We have just under 4 months to go. There's still plenty of time for training!

Swimming is a great alternative. I wonder just how cold our pool is after a couple 50 degree nights? Then again...maybe not...

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