October 06, 2003

a little at a time

Last week went fairly well. I kept my mileage low - only 12.5 miles - and was able to run without pain most of the time. My "long" run on Saturday caused a little trouble, so I know I can't start increasing mileage again yet. However, I do seem to be getting better, so I keep telling myself to be patient. I have found an elliptical trainer at school, and am planning to give that a try on Wednesday. Since there's no impact, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to "run" for a longer time.

And if anyone can tell me exactly what you _do_ on an elliptical trainer, I'd be grateful. It's not running, it's not stair climbing, and it's certainly not walking. It sort of reminds me of Monty Python's Ministry of Funny Walks... ;-)

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