November 12, 2003


So much has happened in the past few weeks -- I'll cover some of the highlights.

The beautiful fall foliage has come and gone in New England. We were blessed with some absolutely gorgeous weekends in October, with sunny skies and relatively warm temperatures. We had some great runs. My coach, Greg, suggested that we try to catch leaves while on our runs. He said it brings good luck. I tried for a few days without much luck. The closest I got was on one particularly windy day when a leaf hit me in the forehead. Missed it anyway. Then, on my first attempt at a 9-mile run, I managed to catch one as it twirled down from an oak tree. I also finished my run that day.

I expected to be quite busy this fall. Between my genetics and cell bio classes, tutoring, working at Bare Bones, karate classes, and of course, running, I really have no free time available. I'll admit, I was worried that taking on the commitment of training for a marathon might be too much. However, I think it's been nothing but a positive experience so far. Running has kept me relaxed and focused, even when my classmates have become more and more stressed with lab reports and exam schedules.

This past weekend marked the halfway point for my training. In two months, I will be in Disney, running a marathon! The best part - my long run this past Saturday was just under 13 miles - a half-marathon! I'm halfway there, and feeling strong. Right now, I couldn't be happier. :-)

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